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BC Brandenburg Capital GmbH

Steinstraße 104-106

14480 Potsdam

Telephone: +49 331 660 1698

Fax: +49 331 660 1699

Commercial Register No. HRB 14844 P

Tax No. 046/12600320

Represented by its Executive Management

  • Olav Wilms (Managing Director)
  • Michael Tönes (Managing Director)
  • Thomas Krause (Authorised Signatory)

Legal form

BC Brandenburg Capital is an equity capital company and has the legal form of a private limited company.


BC Brandenburg Capital GmbH (BC)

Webmaster/online editor

  • Nico Kottusch
  • Petra Quehl

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Interaktive tools GmbH

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  • BC Brandenburg Capital GmbH
    Tel.: 0331-660 1698
    Fax: 0331-660 1699
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